Friday, June 14, 2013

The Lonely Life of a Fire Wife

I'm sure many of you have felt lonely when your Firefighter was on shift, off on training, taking extra overtime, or even when they are just off on a call (if they are a volunteer).  Well, speaking from the volunteer point of view, life can be very lonely.  I swear I have seen my firefighter only when waking up in the morning, or for a few hours in the evening, if I'm lucky.  He's been so busy with work (we own our own business) and then fire calls, and EMT class.  I sometimes wonder if I even have a husband!  HAHA  Today he will be gone for the majority of the day...possibly into the night.  He's left on a job (computer job) in a nearby town about 45 minutes away.  This job has the potential to take all day and most of the night.  Normally, I would be ok with that, but today it just feels lonely.  I haven't had time with my firefighter in a while.  I'm really starting to miss him.  Don't get me wrong, this is nothing compared to being a military wife.  I was one of those for 10 years.  Let's just say I spent the majority of that marriage alone due to deployments.  So, if your firefighter is in the military, I totally understand that life, too.  I think the difference for me is that this marriage, to my firefighter, is so much different than my military marriage was.  I was almost relieved when my Air Force husband would go on deployment.  LOL  I actually MISS my firefighter, though.  We are very close and used to spending 24/7 together.  It's like a big hole is left when he isn't around...something you can't a huge elephant in the room.  I guess because it is so noticeable, that makes it seem worse.

So what do you do with your time when YOUR firefighter isn't home?  Me, I blog...obviously.  I play Candy Crush...yes, I'm addicted, too!  I clean house...because this is the only time that it can get done without getting undone  Sometimes, I spend time with family if I can.  Sometimes, friends come by and hang out with me.  Today, it's blogging, Facebook, and cleaning.  I might work with the puppies (there are 7 of them) some, today, too.  It's time to start training them to sit, stay, lay down, etc.  They are 2 months old, now.  I wish that I could get together with some of my fellow fire wives today, but I am stuck at home with no truck.  Oh the lonely life of a fire wife!  LOL 

I hope all of you ladies have a wonderful weekend!  Some of my fellow fire wives are taking a trip down to New Braunfels, TX to have a BBQ and a Float (floating down the river in an inner tube)!  I wish like crazy I could go!  What fun it would be!  That would definitely be the way to spend a day away from the FF!  Can you imagine a bunch of us crazy gals together floating down the river drinking?  LOL  Watch out world!  New Braunfels may never be the same!  HAHA

So, if you are a lonely Texas fire wife, maybe you should join our little group of sisters.  You can find us on Facebook!  Our group name is Texas Firefighter Wives.  I'd love to see you there!

Well, off to wash the dishes, I go.  Yo ho!  Yo ho!  Yo ho!  It's the Fire Wife Life For ME!


Wednesday, June 5, 2013

So Much For Sleep...

Well, you gotta love the pager when it goes off in the middle of the night.  My FF is off and rolling on a structure fire in Hideaway (a small community North of our district).  It was an automatic box call (where they page out the department in which district the call is in, and the 2 closest neighboring departments) with Lindale being the primary on the call.  We had only been in bed and asleep for maybe an hour and a half.  This will likely be at least a two hour call...if not longer.  My FF and I have to be up at 5a for a job out of town (our normal job...computers).  At least there are sevral guys from all the departments responding.  That makes me feel better.  Lindale is now on scene and reporting it is indeed a working structure fire.  OH JOY.  I never sleep when he is on a structure fire.  Especially after losing the 4 in Houston.  It makes it all too real.  I always make sure to kiss him and tell him I love him before he leaves on any call, but especially with all the LODDs (Line of Duty Deaths) Texas has had lately.  So I told him as he left, "Please be careful, baby!"  His response, "I always am!  Don't worry!  I'm turning the scanner on for you."  A couple more I love yous and he leaves.  *sigh*

I hate hearing that he is rolling a 1 man crew.  He is driving Brush 2 (out of station 2).  His department (station 1) is also rolling Engine 1 with a 6 man crew, so he isn't alone, thank God.  Now, I start saying prayers for the safety of all the firemen from all 3 departments and of course for the family whose home is burning.  Lord keep them all safe! 

Lindale is asking for more man power on the front lines.  It must be a "good one".  That poor family.  Now they are telling Attack Team 1 to back out.  That isn't good.  *sigh*  I didn't used to worry as much, but here lately with all the LODDs, I just can't seem to help it.  I can hear the "excitement" in the guys voices.  I know  their adrenaline is rushing big time.  I'm glad that they are paying attention...but I'm sure all firefighters in TX are after all the LODDs in the last few months.  I always wonder how many other wives stay awake and listen to the scanner so they know what's going on.  I know I'm not the only one.  I can't be.  With all our departments being mostly volunteer, I can't imagine any of the wives sleeping through a structure fire here lately.  I guess I could be wrong, though.

I wonder what job my FF has on this structure?  I hope he is getting some good hose time.  It sounds like they need as many on the front line as they can get.  That will make him happy that he got to "play".  He hates going on calls like this and not getting to do anything.  He was born to be a firefighter and an EMT.  It's just who he is.  I love that about him.

Other than the guys running accountability and the head of the 2 attack teams, I'm not hearing much, now.  I know they are having a hard time on Attack Team 2 (in the back yard) trying to keep it out of the trees and off the other houses.  Every now and then, I hear someone ask for fresh guys.  It must be a really hot one.  I know suited up with SCBA (self-contained breathing apparatus) they can only breath that air for about 20 minutes.  Attack Team 2 is pulling out to rehab.  I almost wish I was there so I could see, but I know better.  That would be especially hard to just sit back and do nothing.  Unfortunately, I can't ever be a firefighter or even on scene as support on a fire.  I'm allergic to the foam they use to suppress the fire.  Yeah, that would be bad.  So, I get to sit at home and worry, pray, and listen to the scanner.  Such is the life of the Fire Wife.

Wow...while everyone is on the Hideaway fire, Red Springs (another neighboring department we are on mutual aid with) got a structure fire, too!  I wonder if any of our guys are going to peel off to go to the new fire?  Talk about stretching resources!!!  Apparently, tonight gonna be crazy!  Is it a full moon?????  Geesh!  Nope!  They paged out another department because our guys are tied up at the other fire.  Let's hope the other department has a good response of man power and can get there pretty quick.  Well, Red Springs got there and cancelled everyone.  I'm guessing it was a bad blower motor in the A/C.  That will smoke up a house pretty good.  I'm glad it turned out to be nothing!  Now I just wish our guys would clear Hideaway and come home.  I'm so sleepy!!  It's 4a, now.  I started this entry at midnight 45.  UGH!  Tomorrow is going to SUCK!

They finally cleared!  All is well, and my fireman is on his way home.  4 hours on that one...ouch!!  Thank you, Lord for keeping them ALL safe!


Saturday, June 1, 2013

Tough Day

Today was one of those tough days we often deal with as a firefighter's wife.  It started with a report of 2 firemen trapped in a blaze in Houston.  Immediately all the fire wives in my fire wife groups were glued to any news we could find on this blaze.  Being a TX fire wife, made it hit that much closer to home.  By the end of the day it was a 5-alarm fire with 4 dead and 6 injured or critically injured.  Those reports come hard.  Houston Fire Department...our TX Firefighter brothers and sisters lost 4 of their own, today.  It's utterly tragic.  It was the deadliest day HFD has ever seen.  As a fire wife, this kind of news breaks your heart.  You imagine yourself in the shoes of those fire wives that are receiving the dreaded call that their husbands are trapped in a burning building, that they've been taken to the hospital, and ultimately, that they have succumbed to their injuries.  Your heart breaks knowing that it could absolutely be your firefighter on any call he's gotten, any day of the week.  You call them if they are on duty just to tell them that you love them and to be extra careful.  If they are home, you hug them tighter...for just a little longer, and tell them that they are your world and how much you love them.  Mine was home, today working on his truck.  Luckily, I was able to tell him face to face and hug him, kiss him..cherish everything about him.

Me tonight waiting on my firefighter to get home safely.

Being the wife of a volunteer firefighter is a little different that being married to a paid guy that has a set schedule.  We have more time with our firefighters, but you NEVER know when that pager is going to go off and he'll be called away to fight a fire, helps someone that is sick, or rescue someone out of a wrecked vehicle, etc.  Tonight, after all the horrors of the day, around 2am, the pager went off for a structure fire in a neighboring town that we work automatic mutual aid with.  So my firefighter jumps up, grabs the radio, turns on the scanner for me (because I always listen when he is on a call), and jets out the door to the station that is only a mile away.  After everything today, I called out after him to be extra safe...and told him I love him.  He came back, kissed me, said he loved me, too, and ran back out the door.  I love that man.

While on this call, the town they are helping got another call for a fire alarm at one of the schools.  So several guys peeled off the original call to go check that one out.  Now, I have no idea where my firefighter is.  He could have gone to the new call, but there is no way to know for sure.  So as I sit here listening for him on the radio, I get a text from him telling me all is well.  That is an awesome text to read after a day like today.  It will be even better when I get one saying, "On my way home."  I'm praying for the safety of all the firefighters from all 3 departments out there tonight that are fighting the fire.  Lord, PLEASE keep them safe.  I'm not sure that TX can handle much more.

Our thoughts and payers are with Houston Fire Department tonight.  Rest in peace, brothers...we've got it from here.

~ Sparkles