Thursday, October 24, 2013

Tonight's THE Night!

Well, tonight is THE night!  It's meeting night at the fire station and the chief will give his decision on my FF being able to come back to light duty while his shoulder heals or whether he will be told he isn't useful at this time.  PLEASE PLEASE keep my FF in your prayers tonight as he goes to the meeting to hear what the chief has to say.  This is SO important to my FF!!  He needs to feel useful, helpful, something while he is on medical leave.  You can take a FF away from firefighting, but you can never take the firefighter out of the man or woman!  He was born for this job and it kills him not to be able to do it!  So, I'm asking all of my sisters to pray a prayer for him tonight!  Please pray they reinstate him on light duty!!!  He needs this so badly!  I need this almost just as bad!  My FF may drive me insane if he can't go back!  That's all I have for now, I'll update after it's all said and done!


Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Time Keeps On Slipping Into The Future...

If you are like me, that title put a song in your head.  I felt it was appropriate for this post, though, since it's been so long since my last.  My firefighter was injured back in June on a structure fire.  He hurt his rotator cuff and got put on medical leave.  He went to the doc and they decided to just try physical therapy for a while, which seemed to be working.  So, in July, he went back to running calls.  The first structure he went on, he re-injured that shoulder...and much worse this time.  He had to have surgery on that shoulder and he has been on medical leave ever since.  So, he's been grumpy and pissy at home since basically June.  There is nothing quite like having a firefighter with "clipped wings"!  He listens to the scanner, still gets the pages, and then gets angry that he can't run calls.  So how do you get his mind off of not being able to run calls??  Well, I got us involved in a couple of political campaigns!  He's been busy, but that hasn't taken his anger away at not being able to run calls.  Because of the campaigns, I have been extremely busy...hence not posting for a while.  I am the campaign manager for a State Senate candidate, Tammy Blair.  You can check out our website, here:  Blair For Senate

We had a Fish Fry fundraiser at the station this past Saturday.  I talked to the chief about letting my firefighter do light duty (running accountability, rehab, or the pumper controls).  He said he would think about it.  I practically BEGGED him to let my firefighter do something useful!  He's miserable just letting time slip into the future at home!!  We will find out tomorrow at the meeting if they will let him come back on light duty!  I'm keeping my fingers crossed and praying with all that I am that they say yes!!  I can't stand to see my firefighter this miserable!

In the time since my last post, I've also changed fire wife groups.  There was too much internal conflict in some of the ones I belonged to, and I just fell out of others.  So now, I belong to Wife Behind the Fire on Facebook.  This is an amazing group of women!!  There is a website you can follow, too.  Check us out here:  Wife Behind The Fire  There are lots of wonderful women in this group!  I can't tell you how awesome it is to belong there.  I've truly found my sisters!

Well, now that I've pretty much caught you up on what's going on here, I'd love to hear from some of you about what's been happening for the last 4 or 5 months!  Stay strong, love your firefighters, and always know that you have sisters that "get it" here!