Thursday, May 30, 2013

What Is A Fire Wife?

What is a Fire Wife, you ask?  Well, we are a lot of things.  We are wives to our firefighters, sisters to each other, and family to all firefighters and their families the world over.  We are the women behind the heroes.  The ones that hold things together when our guys are out rescuing the world, putting out fires, and saving lives! 

This blog is about what it's like to be the wife of a fireman, volunteer or paid.  It's definitely not a life for the faint of heart, the easily flustered, or anyone that has to have everything just so.  You learn to adapt and overcome!  We fire wives have a strong bond with each other, as no one else in the world understands the specific struggles we face on a daily basis. 

I welcome you to this blog and hope you find it enlightening, encouraging, and full of laughs, love, and warmth...afterall, I am a firefighter's wife! 



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